The team of physicians in the family medicine unit specialize in providing continuous and comprehensive health care for people of all ages, gender, diseases and all parts of the body. The services run from 8am-4pm every week day and is available for out-patient care, routine medical check-ups based on all medical information provided by patients and health consultation. Family medicine doctors serve as primary health care consultants for all specialties of medicine and make referrals to see specialties when necessary.


The pharmaceutical unit provides patient with all forms of medications, treatment plans as prescribed by doctors and instructions for safe and effective drug usage and practices and proper disposal after use. All information on drugs, drug administration, allergies, reactions, recommendations are made available by the pharmaceutical unit.


The catering department which consists of certified nutritionists, food science technologists and chefs provides all food services for in/out patients, hospital staff and visitors of the hospital. Our certified nutritionists prepare and create meal plans suited to each patient depending on their medical conditions as recommended by physicians. The catering department also offers consultations on healthy eating lifestyle, creating healthy meal plans for different ages, gender and size.


The medical records department is the first point of care at the hospital. All patients of RSUTH are registered and documented with all necessary personal information at the medical records department. At the medical records, our health information managers ensure easy, swift and accurate registration and documentation of all patients and their required information which include; patient history, clinical findings, diagnostic test results, pre and postoperative care, patient’s progress, medication and payments. The record officers ensure safe confidential storage of patents private information. This information is made available only by patients or doctors request from the medical records department.Claritas est etiam processus dynamicus, qui sequitur mutationem consuetudium lectorum.


The pathology department of RSUTH is responsible for the testing of all medical specimens for the purposes of diagnosis, therapeutic evaluation and treatment of diseases. The department is subdivided into the different specialties of Laboratory Medicine which include; Haematology, Serology, Chemical Pathology, Medical microbiology, Histology and the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Unit. The diagnostic services offered range from simple blood tests to viral testing and expert biopsy interpretation. The department is run by a team of trained medical laboratory scientists of varying specialties, technicians and is headed by a consultant pathologist. The pathology department serves as reference lab and a training ground for Doctors and Intern Medical Laboratory Scientists.

Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT)

The ENT department and its team of doctors specialize in the diagnosis, management and treatment of a wide range of diseases/disorders associated with the head and neck, including and particularly the ear, nose and throat. Our ENT doctors offer expert consultation and care for all ages, gender, race and perform surgeries if necessary, on these organs and the ENT surgeons perform surgeries for patients with more severe disorders.


The A&E unit offers emergency care to people with life threatening conditions that need immediate medical attention providing initial treatment and management for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening. They serve as first responders in the hospitals, and are fully operational 24 hours of the day.


The O&G department specialize in the care of pregnant women, their unborn children and the management of diseases specific to women and the general health of the female. The two subspecialties of obstetrics and gynaecology come together to provide the best health care for pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period and the general health of the female, the female reproductive system – vagina, uterus, ovaries, and breasts respectively. The experts of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology work in multidisciplinary teams to provide day to day ante-natal care for pregnant women through to child delivery, and also provide post-natal care to both mother and child till full recovery with out-patient consultancy in the O&G clinic. you will find support on your lifelong journey from childbearing age to menopause and beyond.


The radiology department’s primary role is to provide optimal Radiological and imaging diagnostic and treatment services for patients with diseases affecting all the organs/systems of the Central Nervous System (CNS), Gastrointestinal tract (GIT), Genito-urinary system (GUS), Cardio-Pulmonary System (CPS) and Musculo-Skeletal System (MSS) to diagnose inflammatory, metabolic, infectious, infestational or Neoplastic diseases and Trauma using medical imaging techniques such as x-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET), fusion imaging, and ultrasound. With RSUTH being a teaching hospital, the radiology department also provides Training and Research programs for the training of resident doctors, medical students on elective posting, and Intern Radiographers.


Our internal physicians specialize in offering expert clinical care for adults in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of internal disease. The department is made up of different specialties which include; Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Oncology, Infectious disease, Nephrology, Endocrinology. Our team of consultants in the different specialties work together to provide the best patient care, management and treatment plan for each patient. Successful treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis and the team of specialist offer the best in the diagnosis of various internal diseases ranging from health to complex illness. The focus of internal medicine in RSUTH is to promote health and prevent diseases while providing people with healthier and improved quality of life for adults.


The dental department of RSUTH offers Dental Specialties in providing coordinated care for adults and children who require specialized dental care. They specialize in diagnosis and treatment of dental issues and help patients develop and maintain better oral hygiene regimens. Dental care being offered here can be depending on patient needs. The dental team in RSUTH includes Dental surgeons/consultants, consultant family dentist, dental doctors, dental hygienists, therapist and nurses who perform various dental surgeries and procedures some of which are ,tooth cleaning intra oral x-rays, tooth extractions, conservative/restoration/fillings dentistry, root canal/pulp therapy, advanced conservation, periodontology, dental sleep medicine, orofacial pain treatment, orthodontics, and prosthodontics and orthodontics. Oral and maxillofacial surgeries and fractures are also performed.


The Ophthalmology/Lens unit deals with the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders in adults and children. RSUTH eye doctors (ophthalmologists and optometrists) are expert trained in the structure and function of the eye, and the diagnosis and treatment of all types of vision and eye conditions after comprehensive eye examinations with the use of medications (drug treatments), implement laser therapy and ocular surgeries (RLE (refractive lens exchange), Glaucoma, cataracts, eye tumor removal and many others). Our Optometrists provide the most suitable corrective lenses for our patients in the treatment of various refractive errors such as myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, presbyopia etc to aid vision. Eye condition that cannot be treated are also properly managed by our physicians to improve quality of life with such conditions. Our team of eye doctors include, consultant ophthalmologists, ophthalmic surgeons, physicians, optometrists, intern doctors who together, provide the best eye care and management for our patients.