“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy

RSUTH Paediatrics Department

We take care of children and young people in Rivers state and across the south-south region of Nigeria. We render a wide range of services from neonatal care to childhood emergency coverage, specialist clinics, general paediatric clinics, inpatients hospital care and community paediatric programs.

Useful info about our care

Neonatal Care

Our neonatal department attends to high-risk deliveries and does immediate newborn screening. We also have a special care baby unit to take care of sick newborns.

Children Emergency

Our children emergency department is open for 24hours and cares for children under the age of 16years who present with childhood emergencies.

Specialist Paediatric Clinic

Different specialist clinics run daily on weekdays under the following schedule:

Monday Nephrology and Endocrinology
Tuesday Infectious disease and Immunology
Wednesday Neonatology and Haematology
Thursday Oncology, Nutrition and Adolescent infectious disease
Friday Cardiology, Respiratory and Neurology

General Paediatric Clinic.

We run a daily walk-in- clinic where General Paediatric cases are seen and treated appropriately.

Inpatient Hospital care

Sick children who cannot be managed are admitted in our hospital where they are cared for by highly trained staff, they also have the advantage of having access to multidisciplinary specialist care with our array of specialist from different fields.

Community Paediatrics

We do routine childhood immunization, support good child nutrition and monitor growth and development. Deviations from normal are also managed in the hospital.

Head of Department